What’s In Your Productivity Stack?

What’s your #productivitystack? Every week I put in 40hrs @ work and then bust ass on my side hustle for another 20-30 hrs per week. Here’s my #productivitystack that makes it all possible:
– Wake every day at 4:30 (thank you, @jockowillink for the motivation)
– Daily mobility training with @stevemaxwell
– Listen to @scottadamssays podcast to put current events in context (major stress reduction)
– Supplement with #gorillamindsmooth from @cernovich
– Daily meditation at the behest of @naval
– #NSNG keto/carnivore diet with the guidance of @vinnietortorich
– Walk to work (straight up copy of what @jack does to boost mental clarity)
– Limit social media to 15 minutes a day w/ #DownTime on #iPhone
– Put on #blueblocker glasses every day at 6:30pm to help with sleep
– Supplement with #magnesiusm from @purevitaminclub also for sleep
– #Coldshower to reduce body temp and induce drowsiness
– Asleep by 8:30 p.m.

Rinse and repeat daily, even on weekends. It only works when you do it every single day. I do stay up late once a week to be social, but even that is wrapped up by 10:30 p.m. Weekends are dedicated to serious downtime with lots of time spent with family and in nature.

Avoid long vacations, just take long weekends at least once every 4 months. Finally, always keep long term goals in mind otherwise you’ll forget why you’re doing all this.

For me, I’m buying back my freedom slowly by paying off all consumer/student/housing debt before pivoting to building real wealth.

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